How to Choose The Best Infrared Heater for Your Needs

How to Choose The Best Infrared Heater for Your Needs

Energy-efficient infrared heaters use 100% of the heat they produce, creating virtually no heat transfer to zone heat loss and bringing focused warmth to objects in its range. They are ideal for those who want an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, more comfortable way to warm up a space!

How to Choose The Best Infrared Heater for Your Needs

When you are choosing the best infrared heater for your needs, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the type of space that you need heated. There are five core spaces where Space-Ray heaters are most efficient.

Commercial and Industrial

Space-Ray heaters work for a wide range of commercial and industrial spaces from permanent fixtures to temporary jobsites. Find your space in the list below to learn more about how we can help you find the best radiant heating solution for your needs.

Poultry and Swine Heating

In the poultry and swine industry, keeping your houses at the optimal temperature is important. Space-Ray infrared heaters are ideal for:

Residential Garage and Outdoor Heating

Small infrared heaters, like the Space-Ray Cold Blocker CB Series infrared heater, is made especially for residential garages, workshops, or virtually any small unheated space. Applications include cold and wind blocking.

Temporary Construction and Worksite Heating

For instant heat when and where you need it, our portable infrared heaters are the way to go. These heaters are ideal for indoor or partially open buildings, construction sites, and unheated work areas, as well as for supplemental heat for large buildings, thawing, and emergency heating applications.

Restaurant & Hospitality Heating

For those in the restaurant or hospitality industry, Space-Ray infrared heaters are perfect for maximizing your restaurant, bar, or cafe patio, providing warmth for patrons even in cooler temperatures. Applications include cold and wind blocking.

Space-Ray – The Best Infrared Heater

At Space-Ray, we offer multiple infrared heater options for use across all types of industries – from warehouses to restaurants and poultry houses to construction sites. Whether you need to maximize your outdoor space or provide a comfortable atmosphere for your employees, patrons, friends, or family, choosing the best infrared heater on the market is easy when you choose Space-Ray.

If you have questions about our infrared heaters or would like to discuss your heating needs in more detail, contact us today!