TRU40 Series

TRU40 Series is great High Pressure brooder without filters.

  • Stainless steel emitter assembly, insulated and uninsulated – will not crumble or distort. Features 3-year limited warranty
  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant burner assembly features simple disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Stainless steel main burner gas line for strength and durability
  • Large deep dish aluminum canopy to efficiently reflect heat to litter area where it’s needed most
  • Ignition Control features a moisture resistant enclosure
  • Safety pan below burner helps shield litter area directly beneath brooder
  • Low profile mounting bracket permits easy leveling of brooder
  • No filter needed
  • Ideal for replacement of existing high pressure brooders
  • With SMART Technology having the ability to communicate with any capable environmental controller. 

Unique 60° Emitter Angle Puts More Radiant Heat Into Primary Brood Areay

No other radiant gas brooder can provide more radiant heat to the floor of your poultry house than Space-Ray. Our specially designed 60° emitter angle, combined with our deep dish canopy, produces an optimum heat pattern in the primary brood area. This large radiant heat pattern means that fewer brooders are required in each house resulting in fuel savings.

Space-Ray’s Unique 60° Emitter Angle is specifically designed to aim the radiant heat directly at the birds where it’s needed most

Emitter angles
Model BTU/HR Input Brooder Spacing Min Mounting
Tru40-L5 40,000 25-40′ 62-72″ 200 CFM LP   .43 GPH
Tru40-N5 40,000 25-40′ 62-72″ 200 CFM NG  .40 THERM

*Per Brooder

Control Suffix Gas Type Control Option Description
N5/L5 Natural/Propane A 3-try direct spark ignition control forsingle or multi-zone installations.  A 110 volt power supply is required.  Zone control panel (Part No. 43619050)and/or 110 volt thermostat, computer or environmental controller isrequired.  For individual control, aunique thermostat (Part No. 43317050) is available.

  • Low profile mounting bracket permits easy leveling of brooder
  • Large deep dish canopy to efficiently reflect heat to litter area where it is needed most
  • The stainless emitter assembly is fully insulated and enclosed. It features a full 3-year limited warranty
  • The burner assembly with durable cast iron cap features large burner ports for more even heat distribution and years of trouble free service
  • The safety pan helps to shield litter area directly beneath the brooder
  • Has a stainless steel main burner gas line for strength and durability
  • The direct spark ignition model’s 3-try direct spark ignition is in a moisture resistant enclosure for added reliability

Maintenance Friendly

Model Control Type BTU/HR Input Canopy Diameter Brooder Height Shipping Weight
Tru40 Direct Spark 40,000 35″ 18″ 28 lbs.
Supply Requirements
Gas Type Control Type Burner Pressure Supply
Pressure Min
Pressure Max
Voltage Amps
Natural #5 Direct Spark 5 PSIG
(345 mbar)
5.0 PSIG
(345 mbar)
5.0 PSIG
(345 mbar)
120 VAC, 1PH, 60Hz 0.5
Propane #5 Direct Spark 5 PSIG
(345 mbar)
5.0 PSIG
(345 mbar)
5.0 PSIG
(345 mbar)
120 VAC, 1PH, 60Hz 0.5
Clearance Information
Model Sides Ceiling Below
Tru40 36″ 18″ 48″


Power Inverter Kit (for battery back-up), Part #43619070

This provides temporary 120VAC to the brooder zone control (power supply) panel during power outages.The kit includes a batter trickle charger, changeover relay and power inverter to convert 12 volt DC into 120 volt AC.

Image Not Available

Thermostat – Environmental (EW-4-20), Part #30525010

Ratings: SPDT 120/240VAC, 16A full load
Temperature range: -40° F to 104° F +/- 2.5° F differential
Housing: Watertight ABS plastic meets NEMA 4x and NEC Article 547-4 requirements for use in harsh environments.
Adjustable dial allows thermostat to be recalibrated.

Thermostat – Individual, Part #43317050 (for No. 5 Control only)

Temperature range: 58° F to 122° F with (10) temperature scale ranges. The thermostat is used to control individual brooders for Turkey heating applications. Includes Mears thermostat, plastic enclosure, bracket and screws to mount to Honeywell #VR8205 gas valve.

Hose Kit – No. 5 Controls:

1/4″ ID x 6ft hose with 9/16-18 LH welding connector x 1/8 male pipe at one end and 1/4″ male pipe opposite end, Part #30522290

No.5 kit includes:

Item No. Part Number Description Qty
1 30285000 Manual Ball Valve 1/2 Female Pipe 1
2 03338100 Bushing, 1/2 x 1/4 Galv. 1
3 30714020 LH Welding Connector 9/16-18 x 1/8 Male Pipe 1
4 03994050 Screen Mesh Gas Filter 1
5 30523290 Hose, 1/4″ ID x 6ft with LH Welding Swivel x 1/4 Male Pipe 1
Poultry Tube Heater Accessories

These accessories are included with every Space-Ray tube heater as standard equipment. Pictured above are S hooks, exhaust hood, flexible gas connector, manual shut-off valve and fresh air intake. Also included but not shown the wire hangars and end reflectors.

Wire Brushes

Wire Brush – Long, Part #43295020

Wire Brush – Short, Part #43295010

wire brush
What voltage is it available in?

It can only be used on 120VAC electrical system.