Space-Ray is an International Manufacturer of Spaceray 70 yearsInfrared Radiant Gas Heating products.

The company, and this website, are divided into four sections: Industrial/Commerical Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters, Poultry/Agricultural Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters, Construction/Temporary Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters, and Garage/Residential Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters.

SPACE-RAY is a division of the Gas Fired Products Group of Companies. The GFP Group manufactures energy efficient overhead radiant heating, space heating and process heating systems in the UK and USA. We specialize in gas fired infra-red radiant heating.

Direct gas fired radiant heating, also known as infra red radiant heating, is the most efficient heating that can be easily installed in industrial, commercial, agricultural and garages.

Radiant tube heaters and radiant ceramic plaque heaters are a popular heating solution for buildings such as factory, warehouse, garage, sports arena and aircraft hangars. Radiant tube heaters and radiant cone brooder heaters are popular for agricultural buildings such as poultry houses. The blown warm air heater for chickens, turkeys & other poultry provides a ‘whole house’ heating solution which can also be installed in conjuction with energy efficient radiant brooder heaters.


Space-Ray is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gas-Fired Products, Inc. Gas-Fired Products, Inc. is a North Carolina Corporation founded in 1949 in Charlotte, NC.

A 1965 testimonial provides a glimpse of the international success to come – view PDF of this archived Space-Ray “promo piece”

Parent Company Information:

Gas-Fired Products, Inc. currently manufactures and markets a wide variety of gas-fired heating products from its facilities in both the U.S. and Europe.

Major products include: infrared gas space heating equipment for the industrial/commercial market, poultry heating and tobacco curing systems (BulkTobac) for the agricultural market, and vent-free gas room heaters for the residential market (SunStar).

At GFP our goal is to design, manufacture and market safety certified, reliable and energy efficient gas heating products that will stand the test of time.

North American Facilities

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 36485
Charlotte, North Carolina 28236-6485 USA

Corporate Headquarters:
1700 Parker Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28208 USA

Corporate Voice: 800.438.4936

Corporate Fax: 704.332.5843

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European Facilities

Mailing Address:
Gas Fired Products
4-6 Chapel Ln, Claydol Ipswich
Suffolk, IP6 0JL

Corporate Voice: +44 (0) 1473.830.551

Corporate Fax: +44 (0) 1473-832.055

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