Industrial Heaters for Warehouses and Commercial Spaces

Bring the comfort of radiant heat to your workplace space. Space-Ray offers infrared gas-fired heating solutions to keep your workers warm and comfortable for enhanced productivity in cooler weather. Our infrared industrial heaters work from a top-down approach, heating objects and people, not the air.

This top-down approach reduces the stratification of warm air and focuses the heat where it is needed. First heating the floor of your work zone, then the work area where employees are located, and then finally the air above.


Space-Ray has a product specialist ready to help you with product selection and configuration.


Industrial Tube Heater Features

  • Perfect solution for large, hard-to-heat spaces
  • Heating capacities ranging from 40,000 – 250,000 BTU/hr
  • Uses natural or propane gas
  • Energy savings up to 30-50% – and up to 70% in very large buildings
  • Quieter operation with our push-through models
  • Vented or indirect venting options


We have yet to find a space we can’t heat. From entryways to airplane hangars, we’re able to bring the heat to your business. Below are some of the spaces where Space Ray’s line of commercial heaters are used. You can see a full list of our commercial applications here.

  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Auto Dealerships & Maintenance Shops
  • Car Wash
  • Distribution Centers
  • Farm Buildings
  • Fire Stations
  • Golf Range
  • Greenhouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Swimming Pools
  • Warehouses


Ceramic Heater Features

  • Perfect space heater for spot heating where electricity isn’t available
  • Ideal for loose construction sites and drafty buildings
  • Heating capacities ranging from 26,000 – 160,000 BTU/hr
  • Energy savings up to 30-50%
  • Uses natural or propane gas
See ALl Ceramic Heaters

When you specify Space-Ray, you’re investing in unrivaled product performance and reliability.

At Space-Ray, providing comfort to commercial and industrial spaces is a challenge we take seriously. We’ve been manufacturing gas-fired infrared heating systems since 1949. The quality and performance of our heaters are based on over 70 years of field experience and exposure to industrial heating problems. Our reputation is built upon a solid track record for providing highly radiant efficient, easy to install and high-quality infrared heating equipment.

We take pride in our entire family of commercial infrared heaters and our commitment to quality standards in the design, manufacture, and performance of Space-Ray heaters — heaters with low maintenance at a competitive price, and a proven record for long life.

Work with our engineers to optimize your radiant heating plan.

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Commercial & Industrial Heaters

Space-Ray has been delivering quality products to the industry Since 1949

PTS/PTU Series®

8 different Btu/hr sizes and more than 100 different Configurations to custom design your infrared heating system.

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Next generation NXS Series heaters offer 30% increased radiant efficiency and 30% more fuel efficiency when compared to standard tube/reflector design IR heaters.

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LTS/LTU Series

Pull-through system – the products
of combustion are pulled through
the combustion chamber for increased
radiant efficiency and greater safety.

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