Fusion Series

Fusion heaters provide excellent coverage for your poultry needs.

  • An energy efficient radiant heating system that saves fuel, reduces maintenance & permits higher mounting.
  • Calorized aluminized steel emitter tubes* for corrosion resistance and greater radiant output.
  • Unique diagnostic monitoring lights show when heater is operating, and assists with fault diagnosis.
  • Ceiling stays cool – no need for insulated board above heater.**
  • Excellent radiant throw and even temperature distribution.
  • CSA design certified for safety.
  • 4″ diameter tubes create a large radiant surface to emit more heat over a wide rectangular area.
  • Each unit comes with fresh air intake kit, exhaust hood, stainless steel flexible gas connector and a pre-wired electrical connection.
  • Features a 3-Year limited warranty on complete emitter assembly.

Poultry House Thermal Images

50′ wide house with a single row of Fusions down the center.

fusion house temp

Floor temperatures still holding after heaters have been off over 12 minutes in the front half of the house.

fusion house temp 2

Straight on floor temperatures 25’ from the heater.

fusion house temp 3

Comfortable floor temperatures for all feeding and drinker lines.

Models Single Stage
BTU/HR (Kw) Input
Two Stage BTU/HR
High Input
Two Stage BTU/HR
Low Input
Total Emitter
Tube Length
FUS 60 60,000 (17.6 Kw) 60,000 (17.6 Kw) 40,000 (11.7 Kw) 15ft / 20ft
FUS 70 70,000 (20.5 Kw) 70,000 (20.5 Kw) 40,000 (13.2 Kw) 15ft / 20ft
FUS 80 80,000 (23.4 Kw) 80,000 (23.4 Kw) 55,000 (16.1 Kw) 20ft
Model Tube Length Total Length
FUS 60 20′ / 6.1m 21’2″ / 6.5m
FUS 70 20′ / 6.1m 21’2″ / 6.5m
FUS 80 20′ / 6.1m 21’2″ / 6.5m

Supply Requirements
Gas Type Control Option Burner Pressure Supply Pressure Voltage Amps Ignition Type
Natural N5 N7 3.5″ W.C.8.7 mbar 5″ W.C.12.5 mbar 14″ W.C.34.9 mbar 120VAC60HZ 1.8 Direct Spark
Propane L5 L7 10″ W.C.24.9 mbar 11″ W.C.27.4 mbar 14″ W.C.34.9 mbar 120VAC60HZ 1.8 Direct Spark
Clearance Information
Model Side Ceiling* Below End
FUS 60 36″/ 91cm 12″/ 30cm 69″/ 175cm 32″/ 81cm
FUS 70 36″/ 91cm 12″/ 30cm 69″/ 175cm 32″/ 81cm
FUS 80 36″/ 91cm 12″/ 30cm 69″/ 175cm 32″/ 81cm
Thermostat – Environmental (EW-4-20), Part #30525010

Ratings: SPDT 120/240VAC, 16A full load
Temperature range: -40° F to 104° F +/- 2.5° F differential
Housing: Watertight ABS plastic meets NEMA 4x and NEC Article 547-4 requirements for use in harsh environments.
Adjustable dial allows thermostat to be recalibrated.

End Reflector Package, Part #43341000

(1 pkg. per straight configuration series or 2 pkgs. per U configuration series with the optional U-bend)

End Reflector, #43320000….Qty-2
Speed Clips, #02266010….Qty-8

Two Stage Relay Package, Part #44195000

(One per heater required) for controlling multiple heaters with a
single 24V thermostat

Relay Board, #30740000….Qty-1
ABS Enclosure, #30709059….Qty-1
Mounting Plate, #30709058….Qty-1
Water Tight Connectors, #30635010….Qty-2
#6-32×5/8” Screws, #02242030….Qty-2

Cold air Stopper, Part #30683000

Improves heating efficiency by preventing cold air during winter (warm air during summer) from entering your poultry house when the heating system is off.

Manual Gas Shut-Off Ball Valve – ½” NPT, Part #30285000

The Deflector Kit (Part # 43504000) is used to reduce clearances to combustibles below the heater. It is designed to be used when the CB series is installed in a horizontal position.

What is the difference between fusions and your other tube heaters?

The Fusion is our 20ft & 15ft straight poultry tube heater that comes in lower BTU sizes (bigfoot inputs) then our typical straight tube heaters. They are available in 60K, 70K, 80K btu/hr input. Only the 60 and 70K models are available in 15ft length emitter. The purpose of this heater is to help eliminate the large differential from burner end to exhausting end as well as the intense hot spot under the first 10ft on the PCA/S series. Because of the smaller BTU and emitter size you will need more heaters per house then the PCA/S series but it will give you better, more even coverage as well as some redundancy. When compared to the PBF it covers slightly more length but does not throw the heat as wide so it works better for narrow houses or two rows in wider house.

How many of these heaters do I need?

The quantity depends on many factors including location (outside temperature), house size and construction, ventilation and type of bird being grown. SpaceRay can help provide a recommend layout with quantity and spacing based off obtained information.

How are these heaters controlled?

The PBF (BigFoot) can be controlled though the line voltage side or 24V connection for a single stage model. For the Two Stage models it can only be controlled through the 24V connection only. These models can be controlled house controller or a thermostat. For 24V control, relay kits will be needed if using one thermostat per multiply heaters. If there is only one thermostat per heater then no relay is needed. For single stage heaters on line voltage control do not need relays.

What is the two stage and how does it work?

The two stage models have a low fire and a high fire. The high fire is the heats max output while low fire is approximately 60% of the high fire. The controller or thermostat will dictate weather the heater is in high or low fire. Usually it will have a call for heat on low first then it will go to high fire if the temperature is not satisfied in low.

What do the lights mean/ what should be on?

The heater has 2 indicator lights (for single stage and 3 for two stage) on the bottom of the burner box and during normal operation both should be on (for two stage all 3 or one Amber and the red). The red light indicates that the air switch is closed. The amber/orange light indicates the gas valve operation. So singe stage when the amber/orange light is on the gas valve is receiving 24V and there for should be open and flowing gas. On two stage there will be two amber/orange lights and one is the low fire and the other is high fire. Both will be on when the heater is in high fire and only the low fire one will be on when just low fire. When there is a call for high fire upon the start of the heater it will just have the high fire light on until the heater actually tries and light then it will light up the low fire. If just the high fire light is on and nothing else is happening then heater is in lock out or control connection is wired wrong.


Tube Integrity Safety Shut-Off System

Space-Ray’s patented innovative safety feature for positive pressure radiant tube heaters is called the “Tube Integrity Safety System” (TISS™). The revolutionary TISS™ uses a simple principle to place an electrically insulated aluminum wire in tension above the reflector as shown above.


Low voltage is then continuously passed along the wire in line with the gas control circuit. If heat levels increase due to heat exchanger failure, the wire melts and the safety circuit is broken, breaking the 24 volt circuit and shutting down the heater.


U.S. Patent #8,000,075