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Our ceramic heaters range in capacities from 26,000 to 160,000 Btu/hr with energy efficient direct spark ignition controls, which gives us one of the most complete lines in the industry. The high intensity heaters have a porous ceramic emitter designed to operate in the 1600°F to 1800°F temperature range. These units may be suspended hanging horizontally to direct the heat straight down or up to a 45° angle to direct the heat into a designated area. With multiple reflector options available, they may be mounted at a variety of mounting heights and angles for a wide selection of heating applications. The millivolt standing pilot control options allow for heater installation where no electrical power supply is available. These units are suited primarily for spot and area heating, complete building, and replacement of existing Ceramic heaters. They require mechanical or gravity ventilation while in operation.

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Commercial & Industrial Ceramic Heaters

Space-Ray has been delivering quality products to the industry Since 1949

DK Series

Heating capacity
30,000 to 160,000 BTU/HR

Propane gas and natural gas options are available. This series can meet a variety of spot and area heating requirements.

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RSCA Series

Heating capacity
26,000 to 104,000 BTU/HR

The RSCA Series is the highest quality ceramic infrared heater in the industry. Available in natural or propane gas versions.

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warehouse ceramic heater

Why is High Intensity Ceramic Heating better than
Forced Air for my business?

  • Energy Savings up to 30-50%
  • Improved Employee Comfort
  • Spot or Area Heating Capability
  • Lower Temperature Settings
  • Benefits Of Radiant Heating