The Best Outdoor Heaters for Superior Warmth

Outdoor Commercial heaters

When there’s a chill in the air, you might be tempted to take your outdoor patio activities inside, but if you have the best outdoor heater, then you can enjoy an extended season on your deck, porch or patio. That’s when Space-Ray outdoor heating solutions can help. They provide radiant heat to your outdoor area, which means you’re comfortable, even when it’s cold.

Infrared Outdoor Heaters Provide Superior Warmth

Our gas-fired infrared heaters are the best alternative to electric infrared patio heaters or mushroom-style heaters because of their compact size, effectiveness, and they don’t tip over in high winds. If you have limited outdoor space, or you want to ensure that your space feels open and inviting – as well as warm – then you will want to skip freestanding heater designs and opt for wall-mounted ones instead

The ceramic-glass fronted infrared outdoor patio heaters from Space-Ray are waterproof and can be exposed to outdoor elements like rain and snow. Whether you want to warm up your home patio or need a quality outdoor heater for your restaurant or hospitality business, Space-Ray has the best heaters on the market today.

Home Patio Heaters

Space-Ray products allow you to enjoy three full seasons in outdoor spaces such as patios, garages, porches, or decks. You can host a dinner party without worrying about your guests getting too cold and enable your family to remain in the fresh air for as long as possible without a second thought.

For homeowners, our infrared heaters like the Cold Blocker or Wind Blocker work by heating your space from the ground up, giving you the ideal space to entertain outdoors even when the temps are low.

Restaurant and Hospitality

Many restaurants have valuable seating space outdoors but are forced to close the area when the temperatures drop too low. Utilizing an outdoor heater can open up more tables for longer, resulting in lower wait times and higher profits! 

Our outdoor heaters create a more uniform heat output by warming up the ground level first, which is where your customers are seated. They will have an all-around more comfortable experience when dining!

About Our Outdoor Heaters

The Cold Blocker and Wind Blocker Heaters from Space-Ray are top picks for home and hospitality uses alike. These permanent fixtures use natural gas or propane to heat any size space.

The Cold Blocker Series

This heater comes in four input sizes and uses a natural gas line or propane gas. The U-tube design provides uniform energy distribution, and the compact size allows for easy installation. It is ideal for small, hard-to-heat areas and spaces with lower mounting heights. The Cold Blocker is certified for residential and commercial installations.

cold blocker

The Wind Blocker Series

This heater has a completely enclosed combustion pattern that maintains consistent output even when windy, resisting winds up to 40 mph. It can be exposed to rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. It is compact, can be mounted from a column or sidewall or suspended from the ceiling, and can be mounted horizontally or at an angle of up to 60 degrees.

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