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Reducing Carbon Footprint with Space-Ray Infrared Heaters

The pressing need for sustainability and environmental consciousness has led industries and individuals alike to explore innovative solutions for reducing their carbon footprint. In the realm of energy efficiency, Space-Ray Infrared Heaters have emerged as an industry leader. Our heaters offer a sustainable and energy-efficient way to heat buildings which can help significantly lower carbon […]

How to Choose The Best Infrared Heater for Your Needs

How to Choose The Best Infrared Heater for Your Needs Energy-efficient infrared heaters use 100% of the heat they produce, creating virtually no heat transfer to zone heat loss and bringing focused warmth to objects in its range. They are ideal for those who want an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, more comfortable way to warm up […]

Forced Red Series – Press Release

SPACE-RAY ForceRED SERIES® CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Space-Ray Infrared Heaters will present the new ForceRED series at the 2019 AHR Expo®, in Atlanta, GA Booth # B2917, January 14-16, 2019. The new ForceRED series series will set a new standard for extra high efficient infrared heaters and will be 30% more efficient than typical infrared heater. […]