How Does An Infrared Heater Work?

A gas infrared heater converts natural gas to radiant heat. The technology of an infrared heater works by heating up people and objects on the ground level first, then by heating the air. The result is a warm work environment that is ideal for construction projects, garages, airplane hangars, restaurant patios, or agricultural centers.

Radiant Heat

Scientifically, radiant heat, also called thermal radiation, is the transfer of energy by photons without requiring a medium by which it propagates. Common examples of radiant heat include feeling hot on a sunny day, the heat you feel when you sit near a campfire, and even the warmth you feel when you stand by the hot heating element of a stovetop. We ourselves are radiant objects! The warmth and cold we feel are absorbed by our bodies from the environment we are in. Generally, our sense of comfort is only marginally governed by air movement and temperature (i.e., a heating or air conditioning unit). Far more of our comfort or discomfort is regulated by the gain or loss of radiant heat.

Infrared Heater: Less Power, Better Heat

Our lines of infrared gas heaters can save 30 to 70% in annual fuel costs when compared to forced air heating systems. Infrared radiant gas heating is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional forced air heating.

Every year, more and more consulting engineers, plant engineers and contractors are specifying infrared heating as a cost-efficient alternative to forced air heating systems. The bottom line has been, and remains, energy cost savings.

Get A More Comfortable Environment with an Infrared Heater

Simply put, we feel warm when we absorb heat from our environment, while we feel cold when we radiate out our own body heat. When our bodies gain or lose too much heat, we feel uncomfortable. The ideal environment for most is between 78 degrees and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thus, when we warm the walls, floor, and ceiling of the room we are in (through an infrared heating system rather than a heating or air conditioning unit) to our ideal environment, our bodies can stop discerning a loss or gain of heat and recognize that we are comfortable!

Reliable and Effective Heating Solutions

Space-Ray Infrared Heaters are efficient, smart, and reliable heating solutions. As a leading expert in the heating industry with more than 70 years of experience, we have delivered value-based heating products, along with reliable support, that our customers count on.

We continue to move forward as an industry-leading manufacturer of quality infrared heating products. Our innovation brings fuel-efficient, reliable heating solutions to all types of markets, customers, and places!