Heating Solutions for Fire Stations

Space-Ray provides custom radiant heating solutions for fire stations and other emergency service buildings, which tend to be wide open, hard-to-heat buildings. Infrared heaters for fire stations are placed strategically between the fire trucks, causing the floor to act as a giant radiator. This warming effect keeps firefighters and their equipment warm, even with large bay doors that frequently open in cooler months.

Reasons to invest in a Energy Efficient fire station heater

Firefighter Comfort – Infrared heaters in a fire station allow firefighters to remain comfortable in between calls for service. These radiant tube heaters also keep bunker gear, tools, and even the fire trucks warm.

Save Money – Space-Ray gas-fired radiant tube heaters helps fire stations to reduce energy costs by lowering their heating bills. The tube heaters are perfect for transforming forced air heating systems to energy efficient systems. Some Space-Ray customers report saving up to 50 percent in a 6,000 sq. ft. fire station, previously heated with forced air unit heaters. Save even more on energy costs by utilizing the night setback thermostat feature.

Custom fire station heaters

Our unique COMPUHEAT Analysis Program evaluates your building’s heating requirements, based on door locations and ceiling heights to create a custom tailored heating solution for your fire station.

When locating the infrared heaters, they are placed between the fire trucks or engines while maintaining the clearences to combustibles in the heated area. Typically, lower input heaters (40,000 to 100,000 Btu/hr.) located between the bay doors is best. Never locate heaters above the fire trucks.

Get started with your fire station heating solution by talking to one of our Space-Ray representatives today!

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