Manufacturing Plant heater for industrial plants

Space-Ray can customize a heating solution for any manufacturing plant, no matter the size and ceiling height. With a manufacturing plant heater, employees are able to work comfortably in chilly temperatures, even with frequently opening and closing overhead doors. Thanks to the radiant infrared technology of our gas-fired tube heaters, thousands of manufacturing plants in North America are being successfully heated with Space-Ray.

A heating solution for your manufacturing plant

After a consultation with a Space-Ray representative, our exclusive COMPUHEAT Analysis Program will help us to design and provide Energy Savings Analysis for your manufacturing plant.

The analysis will determine the best tube heater solution based on ceiling heights and locations of doors. It’s important to be cautious when locating the infrared heaters, as to not place them near combustibles. Typically, larger input heaters (75,000 to 250,000 Btu/hr.) are located above the receiving and shipping areas, and other heaters will be located above the work stations or aisles.

Benefits of radiant tube heaters at manufacturing plants

Higher Level of Productivity: Space-Ray’s heating solution enables the floor to act as a giant radiator. The heat emitted from the floor keeps employees comfortable and tools and equipment warm enough to use, even when the doors are frequently opened and closed. These effects compel manufacturing plant workers and technicians to be more productive.

Lower Energy Costs: Our heating solution has another benefit for your business: reduced energy costs. Customers report that they saved up to 50 percent in a 500,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant previously heated with forced air unit heaters. Other customers report saving up to 55 percent in their 5,000 sq. ft. shop, previously heated with oil-fired unit heaters or boiler systems.

Zoned heating: Space-Ray radiant tube heaters can easily transform forced air heating systems into energy efficient infrared heating. In larger manufacturing plants, customers find that they save even more energy when the heating system is zoned to utilize the night setback thermostat system.

Space-Ray can provide the expertise for developing an economical heating solution for manufacturing plants or fabrication shops. Contact a Space-Ray sales representative to start customizing a heating solution today.

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