Auto Garage and Auto Dealership Heating Solutions

For auto mechanics and auto body technicians, an unheated garage space can create challenges with productivity. Fortunately, Space-Ray’s gas-fired tube heaters provide a way to bring warmth to open, hard-to-heat areas.

Infrared Heating for Autobody Shops and Garages

Space-Ray utilizes our unique COMPUHEAT Analysis Program to design a custom infrared heating system for your auto garage. Heating solutions are tailored to your garage based on ceiling heights and door locations. Infrared heaters are placed around the perimeter of the auto garage, being careful not to spill any energy to exterior walls. Instead all energy is focused to the floor, which acts as a radiator.

Benefits of Radiant Heat on a Garage Floor

With Space-Ray’s tube heaters strategically placed around the auto garage, the floor, tools, and people inside will remain warm. As service bay doors are opened for cars and trucks to come and go, mechanics and technicians are able to stay warm and keep working. Additionally, customers and service staff will appreciate the warmth while they write-up service orders or wait for their vehicle, despite the bay doors being open.

When locating the infrared heaters, the listed clearances to combustibles must be maintained around the infrared heaters. Typically, lower input heaters (50,000 to 150,000, located between the bay doors, or heaters located in the main drive-through, are found in newer shops. Outside combustion air is recommended where there are chemicals such as degreasers, part washers, or Bondo-type compounds usually found in auto body repair shops.

Decreased spending on energy expenses

Space-Ray radiant tube heaters are ideal for transforming traditional, non-efficient forced air heating systems to energy-efficient infrared heating.

One Space-Ray customer reported savings of up to 30% based on their 6,000 sq.ft. service shop that was previously heated with forced air unit heaters. Another customer reports up to 50% savings based on their 20,000 sq.ft. service bay complex previously heated with oil-fired unit heaters.

Contact Space-Ray

Whether you have a small repair facility fit for two cars, or a large multi-bay auto dealership shop, Space-Ray has the expertise to provide you with a tailored heating solution. Contact one of our knowledgeable Space-Ray sales representatives to evaluate your auto shop’s heating needs.

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