Car Wash Heating Solutions

No matter the size or capacity of your car wash, Space-Ray can customize an infrared radiant heating system that provides freeze protection and spot heating at your car washes.

Get started with Space-Ray’s car wash heating systems

When it comes to heating your dealership car wash or the tunnel car wash, Space-Ray PTS Series Tube Heaters with ALC option has the right heating solution for your car wash. Typically, car wash heating systems are designed for freeze protection and spot heating employees towards the entrance or exit of the car washes. Based on your ceiling height and door locations, Space-Ray Representatives can design a customized infrared heating system for your Car Wash

When locating the infrared heaters, care should be taken to observe the listed clearance to combustibles. Typically, lower input PTS Series heaters (40,000 to 100,000 Btu/hr.) located on the sidewall or PTU Series are located above the employee work stations. Outside combustion air is highly recommended for car wash applications.

Advantages of car wash infrared heating systems

Save on Energy Costs: Cut down on your monthly energy bill with car wash heating systems from Space-Ray. Space-Ray PTS and PTU Series with ALC option radiant tube heaters are ideal for providing energy efficient infrared heating solutions for car washes. Some Space-Ray customers prefer to use stainless steel reflectors in car wash applications, which is available as an option for the PTS/U Series.

Increased Productivity: Not only will you save on energy costs, but you’ll find your employees will be happier, and in turn, more productive. The gas-fired tube heaters will keep your employees warm.

Space-Ray wants to provide you with economical heating solutions for your car wash! Get in touch with your Space-Ray sales representative today about the selection of heaters and to evaluate your car wash heating needs.

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