Heating an Aircraft Hangar

Keep your aircraft technicians comfortable and productive, even in the coldest winter months with powerful infrared radiant heat. Space-Ray has been trusted to heat over 2,000 aircraft hangars in the United States. The experience and expertise we provide is unmatched, making us the best choice for those hard-to-heat hangars.

Our Process to Heat Airplane Hangars

Space-Ray’s heating experts perform our COMPUHEAT Analysis Program to provide a customized, efficient, and infrared heating system for aircraft hangars with 20-85 foot ceilings. We then design a heating solution, specific for your aircraft hangar.

Our team then begins the process of sizing and selecting our gas-fired, infrared radiant tube heaters. Space-Ray heaters will be strategically located around the perimeter of the hangar, as well as adjacent to the main hangar door. These heaters are higher capacity and efficiency U-tube or straight tube heaters.

When locating the infrared heaters, care is taken to minimize the radiant spill on the sidewalls and the doors. We locate the heaters in the perimeter where the infrared energy can be readily absorbed by the floor and the objects. The floor will act as a giant radiator and provide a comfortable work environment for the aircraft technicians, even when the 60’ ft. hangar door is opened to bring aircraft into the hangar!

Benefits of Space-Ray Airplane Hangar Heaters

  • Customized Gas-Fired Infrared Solutions – Heating isn’t a one-size fits all fix. Space-Ray provides a tailored solution for heating various sizes of aircraft hangars.
  • Temperature Zone Control – By utilizing the night setback feature of the digital thermostat panels, you save energy at night when the hangar is not in use.
  • Cut Energy Costs – Aircraft hangars can save up to 80% on energy costs* by switching to Space-Ray radiant tube heaters instead of boiler systems.
  • Happier employees – With a properly heated environment, beginning with the floor, aircraft mechanics and other hangar employees are able to comfortably work in cold temperatures, even with the main hangar door open.

Whether your aircraft hangar houses a private Cessna Airplane or Boeing 747s, Space-Ray has the expertise to provide you with economical heating solutions. Get in touch with a Space-Ray sales representative to evaluate your hangar’s heating needs.

*Space-Ray radiant tube heaters are ideal for retrofitting forced air heating systems to energy efficient infrared heating. Some Space-Ray customers report savings of up to 52% (88,000 sq. ft. hangar previously heated with a hot boiler system with air terminal units) or up to 80% (1,000,000 sq. ft. hangar complex previously heated with oil-fired boilers).

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