The Best Alternative To Mushroom Style Heaters

The Cold Blocker offers 3 distinct advantages over round, freestanding mushroom style patio heaters. First, it’s not affected by windy conditions. The flame is totally enclosed inside the emitter tube and not affected by atmospheric or environmentalconditions. Second, 20 lb. LP gas tanks are eliminated – restaurant staff can focus on serving customers rather than routinely replacing empty LP tanks. Finally, in most cases a Cold Blocker system owner can reduce heating cost as much as 75% when connected to natural gas system, 50% when connected to an LP system.

The new Space-Ray Wind Blocker Tinted Ceramic Glass Series patio heaters are the perfect solution to extend the outdoor season by providing the warmth of radiant heat. Perfect for other outdoor environments like outdoor patios, bars, screened in porches, outdoor cooking areas and smoking areas.

Layout Examples

outdoor restaurant layout