Space-Ray provides restaurant and hospitality patio heating systems.

At Space-Ray, commercial/industrial comfort is a challenge we take seriously. We have been manufacturing gas-fired infrared heating systems since 1949. The quality and performance of our heaters are based on over 50 years of field experience and exposure to industrial heating problems. Our reputation is built upon a solid track record for providing highly radiant efficient, easy to install and high quality infrared heating equipment.

When you specify Space-Ray, you are investing in an uncompromised commitment to product performance and reliability. We take pride in our entire family of infrared heaters and our commitment to quality standards in the design, manufacture and performance of Space-Ray heaters — heaters with low maintenance at a competitive price, and a proven record for long life. In fact, some heaters are still providing trouble-free operation after 30 years of service.

Our lines of infrared gas heaters can save 30 to 70% in annual fuel costs when compared to forced air heating systems. Infrared radiant gas heating is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional forced air heating.

Every year, more and more consulting engineers, plant engineers and contractors are specifying infrared heating as a cost-efficient alternative to forced air heating systems. The bottom line has been, and remains, energy cost savings.

Forced air heating is costly! Why?

Because it must first heat almost all of the air in your building before a level of comfort is achieved. And because heated air rises, large amounts of costly electrical energy are expended to drive the warm air down to floor level. With radiant infrared heat, it is the heat energy itself that warms people, floor slabs, machines and other objects at floor level. The principle of radiant infrared heat is very similar to the sun’s heat energy warming the surface of the earth, but not the upper atmosphere.

30-70% Fuel Savings

Highly radiant efficient Space-Ray infrared heating systems can save a building owner 30-70% in annual fuel costs when compared to forced air heating systems. Some Space-Ray customers report a less than one-year payback on their energy-efficient infrared heating systems. And, with a Space-Ray system, your investment payback accrues not only from reduced energy costs, but from reduced maintenance costs, too.

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