Swimming Pool Heater Applications

When it comes to space heating the perimeter of the Swimming Pools, Space-Ray has the right heating solution for this open, hard-to heat applications. Based on your ceiling height, Space-Ray Representatives can design a customized infrared heating system for your project. Since this is considered Spot or Area Heating, typically u-tube or straight tube heaters are strategically located above the perimeter of the pool is highly recommended.  Typically, lower input PTS Series heaters (40,000 to 150,000 Btu/hr.) located on the sidewall or PTU Series located above the both ends of the swimming pool. Outside combustion air is highly recommended for swimming pool applications.

Space-Ray PTS and PTU Series with ALC option radiant tube heaters are ideal for providing energy efficient infrared heating solutions for swimming pools or other harsh area environments. 

Space-Ray has the expertise to provide the economical heating solutions to the Swimming Pools. Ask your Sales Representatives about the selection of heaters for your Swimming Pool heating needs.

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