Ice Hockey Arena Heating

When it comes to heating Ice Hockey Arenas, Space-Ray has the right heating solution for those open, hard-to heat applications. Based on your ceiling height, Space-Ray Representatives can design a customized infrared heating system for your project. Since this is considered spot or Area Heating, typically u-tube heaters are strategically located above the bleachers and baseline as high as possible. The most common mistake on ice hockey rinks is to use straight tube heaters resulting uneven temperatures for the spectators below. Since straight tubes are always warmer at the burner end than the exhaust end, avoid using straight tubes above bleacher application. Avoid creating a Florida End and The Michigan End under the heaters. If straight tubes are used then stay with the shortest length for the given Btu/hr. input.The heating system can be zoned per court using a night setback thermostat system.

Space-Ray radiant tube heaters are ideal for retrofitting forced air heating systems or electric infrared heaters to energy efficient gas infrared heating at various Gyms.

Ask your Space-Ray Sales Representative about our exclusive COMPUHEAT Analysis Program to evaluate your building’s heating needs.

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