Farm Building Heater Applications

When it comes to heating Farm buildings, Space-Ray has the right heating solution for those open, hard-to heat projects. Based on your ceiling height and door locations, Space-Ray Representatives can design a customized infrared heating system for your building. Strategically located tube heaters will keep the equipment warm and employees. The floor will act as a giant radiator and provide a comfortable work environment for the employees in the building.The heating system can be zoned utilizing night setback thermostat system.

When locating the infrared heaters, care should be taken to observe the listed clearance to combustibles. Typically, lower input heaters (40,000 to 175,000 Btu/hr.) located between the bay doors and never locate it above the combines or large tractors.

Space-Ray radiant tube heaters are ideal for retrofitting forced air heating systems to energy efficient infrared heating at fire stations. Some Space-Ray customers report savings of up to 50% (4,000 sq. ft. fire station previously heated with forced air unit heaters).

Ask your Space-Ray Sales Representative about our exclusive COMPUHEAT Analysis Program to evaluate your building’s heating needs.

Application Photos

Layout Examples

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