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Next generation NXS Series heaters offer 30% increased radiant efficiency and 30% more fuel efficiency when compared to standard tube/reflector design IR heaters.

  • Designed for maximum Radiant Output for each given emitter tube length/heater Input. Any incremental tube length can reduce the Radiant Output.
  • Designed for maximum thermal efficiency − extensive use of turbulators.
  • Specifically designed for horizontal mounting to maximize the Radiant Output at floor level.

NXS 50 50,000 50,000 32,500 12' 50.6 11
NXS 85 85,000 85,000 50,000 13' 64.4 13
NXS 110 110,000 110,000 71,500 15' 60.4 13
NXS 140 145,000 145,000 88,500 18' 65.0 13
NXS 175 175,000 175,000 114,000 19' 62.4 13
NXS 200 200,000 200,000 125,000 21' 61.3 13

+ IR Factor provided for single stage heaters only using AHRI 1330P-2014. Since publication, AHRI determined that the testing methodology and the equipment needs to be revised to improve the accuracy of the IR Factor. The IR Factors with the new AHRI Standard could be markedly higher or lower. When the new AHRI Standard is published, the result shown above will be revised in accordance to the new AHRI Standard.

* Indicate model number based on Btu/hr input (e.g. 110,000 Btu/hr), emitter length (e.g. 30 ft.). Control suffix (e.g. Natural Gas single stage input ). The unit selection would be NXS110-30-N5.

** Minimum recommended mounting heights are intended as a guide only, as heaters may be mounted at various heights and angles. Mount heaters as high as possible. Minimums are shown as a guideline for human comfort and uniform enrgy distribution for complete building applications. Please consult your Space-Ray Representative for a detailed analysis of your particular heating requirements.

Control Suffix Type of Gas Control Option Description
N5/ L5 Natural / Propane Single Stage Gas Valve- Single Stage Input
N7 / L7 Natural / Propane Two Stage Gas Valve- Modulating Input – High/Low Fire
NXS Series Floor Level Coverage Charts

Floor Level Coverage - The above chart may be used as a guideline for primary radiation, i.e. the infrared pattern directly below the heater. In a well-insulated building, only 50% of the floor needs to be covered by the primary radiant pattern. Please be aware that the radiant energy generated by infrared heaters is not limited to the primary radiant pattern. There is additional radiant energy that is absorbed outside the primary area, a secondary radiant pattern. Since concrete is a very good conductor of heat, a reasonably uniform floor temperature eventually will be reached. The amount of time it takes to reach "thermal equilibrium" is in direct correlation to the distance between the heaters. Learn More >>

Pull-Through System

  • ForceRed is a pull-through system − the products of combustion are pulled through the combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency and greater safety.
  • ForceRed incorporates multiple special turbulators on both the firing leg as well exhaust leg of to provide uniform energy distribution.
  • ForceRed can be vented vertically, horizontally or by means of a common vent.
  • ForceRed is CSA certified for 25 ft. horizontal sidewall venting.
  • ForceRed offers an optional Condensate Control System.
  • ForceRed’s draft inducer is equipped with permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, fan cooled, heavy duty ball bearing motor for maintenance free operation.
  • ForceRed’s draft inducer assembly can be used for through-the-roof venting or rotated 45 degrees or even 90 degrees for horizontal venting.
  • ForceRed is CSA certified for both vented or indirect vented operation.

Burner & Control System

  • ForceRed uses a one piece cast iron burner with stainless steel flame retainer.
  • ForceRed has a 10 year limited warranty on burner.
  • ForceRed can use both inside or optional outside air for combustion.
  • ForceRed is CSA certified for 25 ft. of outside combustion air inlet duct.
  • ForceRed incorporates a burner inspection sight glass.
  • ForceRed uses a slow opening combination gas valve for quiet ignition.
  • ForceRed incorporates an Air Proving Switch for proof of venting before gas flow and ignition.
  • ForceRed has Direct Spark ignition with 100% Gas Safety Shut-Off (30 second pre-purge).
  • ForceRed includes a 36" stainless steel flexible gas connector with each control box.
  • ForceRed features 3 Monitoring Lights for on-line diagnosis: power on, insufficient air flow, and ignition system operation for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.

Radiant Emitter Tube System

  • ForceRed features all calorized steel tubes for improved emissivity long life and high radiant efficiency. The calorization process produces an emitter tube which is highly iant absorptive on the interior and highly radiant emissive on the exterior − will not flake or peel, and is corrosion resistant.
  • ForceRed includes special high temperature titanium alloy AlumiTherm emitter tubes.
  • ForceRed features a 5 year limited warranty on all emitter tubes.

Reflector System

  • ForceRed’s dual aluminum reflector system maximizes downward radiation and minimizes convective losses.
  • ForceRed features highly efficient aluminum reflectors with a reflectivity rating of 97%.
  • ForceRed uses specially designed individual asymmetric reflectors to maximize emitter tube temperatures and Radiant Output.
  • ForceRed’s reflector ends are enclosed for maximum radiant heat output and minimum convective losses.
NXS50-15 50,000 20' 17' -3" 13" 7" 191
NXS80-20 80,000 20' 22' -3" 13" 7" 191
NXS110-30 110,000 30' 33' -3" 13" 7" 241
NXS145-40 140,000 40' 43' -3" 13" 7" 296
NXS175-50 175,000 50' 53' -3" 13" 7" 334
NXS200-60 200,000 60' 63'- 3" 13" 7" 383

** Hanging weight is 80% of shipping weight

NXS Series Dimensions
NATURAL 3.5" W.C. 5" W.C. 14" W.C. 120 VAC 2.6 DIRECT SPARK
PROPANE 10" W.C. 11" W.C. 14" W.C. 60 HZ
NATURAL 3.5" W.C. 7" W.C. 14" W.C. 120 VAC 2.6 DIRECT SPARK
PROPANE 10" W.C. 12" W.C. 14" W.C. 60 HZ

NOTE: For all installations higher than 2000 ft. above sea level please consult the factory regarding recommended derating of heaters.

NXS50 32" 6" 56" 16"
NXS80 34" 6" 87" 16"
NXS110 44" 6" 110" 20"
NXS140 46" 6" 114" 20"
NXS175 52" 6" 116" 20"
NXS200 52" 6" 116" 20"

NOTE: The clearances specified above must be maintained to combustibles and other materials that may be damaged by temperatures 90°F above ambient temperature. Clearances to combustibles are posted on the reflector near the control end of the heater. In locations used for storage of combustible materials where they may be stacked below the heater, NFPA 54 requires that the installer must post signs that will "specify the maximum permissible stacking height to maintain the required clearances from the heater to combustibles".

* When used indirect vented, clearance to CEILING must be: 12" for NXS(50-85) and 18" for NXS(110-200)

** Maximum clearance below reduces by 50% once you are 25ft. downstream from the burner box. Note: Consult Factory if reduced clearances are required


Heaters can be common vented, vented or indirect vented. A vented installation must be vented outside the building with a flue pipe. An indirect vented installation requires a minimum ventilation flow of 4 CFM per 1000 BTU/hour of total installed heater capacity on natural gas by either gravity or power ventilation (4.18 CFM per 1000 BTU/hour on propane).


Installation and service must be performed by a licensed contractor. The installation must conform to written Instalation & Operating Instructions and local codes. In the absence of local codes, the installation must conform with the National Fuel Gas code, ANSI Z223.1 (latest edition also known as NFPA54) or GCA B149 (latest edition) installation codes. These codes are available from the National Fire Protection Association, Inc., Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269 or the Canadian Gas Association, 55 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, Ontario M3B 2R3, CANADA.


Operate infrared heaters with proper care and observe all safety precautions. Carefully follow printed installation, operating and cleaning instructions furnished with the heater. Do not store gasoline or combustible products in the vicinity of the heater. Do not touch the heater or the tubes while the heater is in operation. Adequate ventilation must always be provided in accordance with codes.

Concentric Vent/Combustion Air Intake Kit

The concentric vent kit (44129760) allows allows the flue vent and combustion air with only one horizontal or vertical building penetration. Details on the Concentric Kit

Concentric Vent/Combustion Air Intake Kit
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